Website Copy

Funnel Stage: Consideration / Conversion
Target Audience: Highly educated researchers and information professionals in global academic institutions, corporate R&D departments and pharmaceutical companies, with a focus on Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand
Objective: Position Altmetric as a unique solution partner while succinctly explaining the specific benefits of its products to each audience, ultimately driving sales leads
Context: As part of a complete rebuild of its online presence, Altmetric wanted to streamline its copy to deliver a more polished, professional experience. Its old copy didn't reflect who the company was as a business, it didn't adequately explain the value of the products available or provide clear calls to action to generate enquiries. This was a challenging project with multiple products aimed at different audiences, each with their own motivations and barriers to action. The finished website now provides a clear user journey for Altmetric's distinct target audiences, with individual key messages designed to nudge prospects towards requesting a demo of their preferred product

    • Consideration content, Conversion content
    • Altmetric
    • September 02, 2022