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B2B copywriting examples

Here are a few B2B copywriting examples that I'm proud of - both in terms of the output and the outcome. This is a very small sample size from more than ten years of work, so if you'd like to see a specific format, industry or audience please feel free to reach out.



Trend Analysis eBook

Funnel Stage: Awareness
Target Audience: B2B marketing and event managers
Objective: Engage audience on the value of virtual events by analysing and interpreting data on their growth across EMEA
Context: As part of LinkedIn's relaunch of its own events feature, it conducted a survey of EMEA marketing and events managers and asked me to present and analyse the findings via a freely downloadable eBook. It was a really enjoyable challenge to build a narrative around the findings and I was pleased with the resulting final version, which remains on the front page of LinkedIn's marketing resources

Website Copy

Funnel Stage: Consideration / Conversion
Target Audience: Highly educated researchers and information professionals in global academic institutions, corporate R&D departments and pharmaceutical companies, with a focus on Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand
Objective: Position Altmetric as a unique solution partner while succinctly explaining the specific benefits of its products to each audience, ultimately driving sales leads
Context: As part of a complete rebuild of its online presence, Altmetric wanted to streamline its copy to deliver a more polished, professional experience. Its old copy didn't reflect who the company was as a business, it didn't adequately explain the value of the products available or provide clear calls to action to generate enquiries. This was a challenging project with multiple products aimed at different audiences, each with their own motivations and barriers to action. The finished website now provides a clear user journey for Altmetric's distinct target audiences, with individual key messages designed to nudge prospects towards requesting a demo of their preferred product

B2B Blog

Funnel Stage: Awareness
Target Audience: B2B marketing managers
Objective: Introduce the concept of gamification in B2B marketing and guide readers to LinkedIn's eLearning and Ad Vantage platforms
Context: LinkedIn owns a broad suite of tools designed to complement B2B marketing strategies. In a drive to grow awareness of its products, LinkedIn created Ad Vantage, a choose-your-own-adventure game that allows marketers to interactively plan and implement a campaign using LinkedIn tools. This blog was one of a series designed to drive awareness of the game while growing the conversation around B2B gamification

Technical Advertorial

Funnel Stage: Consideration
Target Audience: Water and wastewater plant managers
Objective: Explain in detail the technical benefits of LG NanoH2O™ reverse osmosis membranes for plant managers seeking to reduce operation and maintenance costs
Context: This piece of copy required an extremely high level of technical detail, presented to an expert engineering audience in a persuasive format without being salesy. It first acknowledges the challenges faced by the audience before presenting empirical data that explains how the client's product can help address them. It uses industry-specific terminology and references that reinforce both the expertise of the company and the impact of the solution

Lead Magnet eBook

Funnel Stage: Conversion
Target Audience: Food and beverage manufacturing plant managers and senior leaders
Objective: Convey the tangible benefits of digital transformation in specific, practical terms for food and beverage manufacturing
Context: Delivered as part of a long term lead nurturing campaign, this eBook was written from scratch using the client's existing long-form marketing and technical content, supplemented by interviews and my own research. It was then followed by an email sequence delivering further relevant content, the results of which were analysed to generate MQLs. The success of this pilot campaign format led to it being rolled out across a number of the client's other target industries


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