Hi there...

I'm Neil. I like dogs, Chinese food and helping businesses like yours to find the right words for their customers.

There's a reason why a lot of b2b businesses struggle to communicate their product or service properly. To be frank - and I make no apologies for putting this in bold:

Your potential customers do not care about your business.

Phew. Well, I feel better. The point is, your customers have their own problems. Understanding this is the first step towards bringing in more leads and converting them more efficiently. And that's where I come in.

I have spent more than ten years writing for - and running - local, national and international marketing communication campaigns. I've written for agencies. I've written in-house. I've done it by myself and as part of a team. I've covered b2b topics including technology, oil & gas, mining, employment law, the public sector, manufacturing, construction, translation, really I could go on.

In every job, I don't just talk about you as a business, but how you solve your customer's problems.

As a freelancer I live or die by the quality of my work, so you'd better believe that if we work together I'm going to make it personal. Before a key is tapped in anger, I make it my business to get to know yours. Your audience, your messages, your channels, your objectives.

I didn't choose this job for the solitude and bourbon biscuits (well...). I did it because enjoy nothing more than taking on clients in complex industries and delivering outstanding content that maximises their expertise and elevates them within the market. Here's what clients like LinkedIn have said.

Whether it's expertly crafted web copy, creative marketing or punchy news releases, I have a passion for the right words.

If you’re searching for them, why not see what I can do for your business?


What to expect:

- A simple discussion about your objectives and deadline

- Expert advice regarding your key messages, target audience, positioning  and call to action

- A short, low-maintenance journey from first draft to final product

- You hit your objective on time and on budget