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Get a freelance B2B copywriter who sets your expertise free

Your experts make your company an authority in its field, but excellence alone doesn't win new business. For that, you need a freelance B2B copywriter who can transform your expertise into content that captures leads, boosts your SEO, builds your brand and delivers long-term ROI. Which is a relief, because that's probably why you're here.

Irresistible B2B copy for your marketing strategy 

I write B2B copy for audiences that are highly skilled, technically minded and not very patient. Having spent the last decade working alongside engineers, scientists and senior leaders, I've developed a keen sense for translating knowledge and turning it into the messages your prospects need to hear.

I'm as comfortable developing a B2B content marketing strategy as I am helping you to execute it - regardless of format, platform, seniority or sector. And before a key is tapped in anger, I will work with you to determine:

  • The audience we're speaking to
  • Their stage in your B2B marketing funnel
  • What they already know - and what they don't
  • How you can solve the problem they're facing right now
  • What we want them to do next

The tactics will vary, but the ultimate goal is always the same; to guide potential customers through your funnel. From helping them recognise their problem at the awareness stage, to educational content at the consideration stage, to capturing them when it's time to convert.

Create B2B content that casts a long shadow

There's a strong chance your competitors all describe themselves using exactly the same words. But together, we can create B2B content that stands above the noise by finding new ways to prove the value of your knowledge. If you want to chat about how it might look for your company, pop your details into the box at the bottom of this page.


My B2B copywriting services at a glance


Freelance B2B CopywriterWebsite Copywriting

Websites | SEO Copy | Landing Pages | Adwords | Product Descriptions 

Freelance B2B CopywriterB2B Content Marketing 

Blogs | Email Campaigns | Social Media | Case Studies | eBooks | White Papers

Freelance B2B CopywriterEditorial

Press Releases | Advertorials | Features | Internal Communications



“Neil is something of a miracle worker; he can take even the most unsexy or convoluted B2B topics and make magic out of them. The stuff he produces is consistently high-performing – driving engagement, brand awareness, lead gen and follower growth.”

Alexandra Khan

Social Media Lead (UK&I)

“Neil’s content always meets our tone of voice, audience needs and internal expectations. He has a knack for creative, engaging writing and can be relied on to deliver on whatever subject you throw at him. We love his work and will be putting him to good use in the future.”

Grace MacDonald

Marketing Manager – Content & Social

“Neil is a fantastic partner for the creation of well-crafted articles. When I pass a topic on to him, I know it’s in good hands. His services add considerable value to our communications.”

Brandi Schuster

Corporate Communications Manager

“Neil quickly grasped how to deliver our key messages across a wide range of content. His copy was central to a highly successful lead nurturing campaign which we are now rolling out across every key target industry.”

Lead Generation Specialist

Rockwell Automation

Agency Spring

“Neil immediately put us at ease and was able to speak to engineers on their own terms, developing a great rapport and delivering detailed technical content to a very high standard.”

Simon Misra

Creative and Operations Director

“Neil’s web copy was snappy, it reflected our thinking and was aimed at who we wanted to capture. He didn’t need to be led by us and it only took one round of amends to achieve the final result. I would absolutely recommend him.”

Anshul Kapoor

Managing Director

Thinking of hiring me as your freelance B2B copywriter?

Let's exchange words in real life. I'm based in the UK, but I've delivered work in every timezone.

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